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Practical information

The conference's main venue will be
Collegium Maius, Adam Mickiewicz University
Address: ul. Fredry 10, Poznań.


When you come to Poznan…

Ławica Airport is located 7 km from the city centre.. It is possible to get to the city centre from the airport using line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station. In line L the ticket price doubles and one can take one piece of luggage free of charge.Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank, it is however worthwhile calling RADIO TAXI.

All trains coming to Poznań stop at Poznań Main Railway Station (Poznań Główny). The Railway Station is composed of two buildings: the Main Hall (Hala Główna) and the West Railway Station (Dworzec Zachodni) connected by a subway. The Railway Station is located in the city centre. Passengers can get to their hotels by tram or bus.-The nearest tram stop is next to the West Railway Station. In the vicinity of the Main Hall exit there is a municipal bus stop. TAXI ranks are located next to the Main Hall and the West Railway Station exit. It is advisable, however, to call RADIO TAXI in a point located in the Main Hall.

Radio Taxi

RADIO TAXI 919 tel. ++48 61 191 91
EXPRESS TAXI tel. ++ 48 61 19 624 or ++48 61 8480 480
HALLO TAXI tel. ++ 48 61 8216 216
RADIO TAXI RMI tel. ++48 61 19 668 or ++ 48 61 8219 219
RADIO TAXI 519 tel. ++48 61 19 628 or ++48 61 8519 519
RADIO TAXI LUX tel. ++ 48 61 19 662 or ++48 61 8688 363

Municipal transport – Tramways and Buses

Time tickets (tickets valid for a certain period of time, e.g.: 15 min.) are the applied payment form for tramway and bus rides. This allows passengers to change a line without any need to punch a new ticket (unless they have exceeded the permitted ride time). The ride start time is printed on the ticket by the ticket puncher. Tickets for 15, 30 and 60 minutes are available at sales and tickets machines. There are also single-ride tickets and short-term tickets (24h, 7 days).


The zloty (abbreviated PLN or zł) is the official currency in Poland. The approximate exchange rate is (13 July 2010): 4.09 PLN = 1 EUR; or 3,25 PLN = 1 USD USA


Polish sockets are standard European sockets, with a voltage of 230 V/50Hz. All visitors coming from countries using appliances/plugs that do not work with such sockets/voltages (especially American and British guests) are advised to bring adapters.


International code for Poland is 48. Area code for Poznan is 61


It is useful to know that the weather in Poland is highly unpredictable and varied. We recommend you to take both an umbrella and sunglasses. Current forecast is available on http://www.meteoprog.pl/en/weather/Poznan/